Everyone is constantly searching for new ways to make chicken. Fried chicken has to be as American as Apple Pie! I remember growing up it was such a special treat when Mom got out the electric skillet and fried up some chicken! Well let’s just take that up a notch or two…..
Here we have Chicken Bombs. Chicken breast stuffed with cheese, breaded and deep fried !!!
Here ya go.

4 chicken breast cut into large cubes
2 eggs
Parmesan grated cheese
American cheese ( cheddar or mozzarella will work) cut into cubes

Oil for frying

Slice a small slit in each cube
Stuff cheese inside. All the way in. Mix dry ingredients
In separate bowl beat eggs.

Heat oil to 350
Dredge chicken in flour mix, dipnin eggs, return to flour.
Drop into hot oil  cook until golden brown and inside is no longer pink.
Serve with ranch or marinara