Ohhh Yes Fall brings out the cabbage rolls!!! These are so easy!  You can toss them in crock pot or simmer on stove top. I don’t care for sauce on them but if you do then add some tomato sauce after you have them all together. Ok you’re wondering what’s the secret,right???
Drum roll please…………
1 can Manwich!!! It adds just a little sweetness and just the right amount of seasoning!

1 can Manwich
1 lb ground beef
1 onion chopped
1 head cabbage
2 cups instant rice.
Par boil cabbage leaves. I used about 12. Fill a large pot with water add salt and leaves. Turn on high. Remove from heat right before it begins to boil..  Drain .Mix alol ingredients. Fill each piece of cabbage and roll up tucking ends under heath. Place in crock for 5 hours on low.