Doesn’t everyone have a favorite Sandwich Joint? Yea there’s  a Subway every where you turn but, sometimes you just want that deli quality Sammie! Seems everything local has fallen to the falling economy and closed up. Super Submarine in Hammond is not exactly close. Actually it is the next state over. Ok we do live on the border lol The place has been under same ownership since the 70’s! Not too many places can claim that any longer! Family run little sandwich shop 7010 Kennedy Ave in Hammond, In has the best sandwiches you can drool over! The decor is not exactly high end, but the prices are unbelieveable for the amount of meat they pile on !!! Hubby and daughter as fav is the beef! Made on location! Sliced paper thin piled high topped with some peppers and pickles, side of au jus. Can you say YUM?!?!  Today I went with the Rueben. Amazing! Have a real good appetite because half of it is going to fill you up! My son had the meatball He has to have excess sauce on his and with out even asking that’s the way it’s served. 

Super Submarine is a dying breed. Family type little shop with food that is out of this world. Get  a chance stop in !! You will be so happy you did 🙂