I had the pleasure of attending a pre promo party for IHOP national pancake day at IHOP in Cicero, Il. !!!  Every year IHOP will give you a free short stack of pancakes. What’s the catch? You are encouraged to make a $5 donation to the local Children’s Miracle Network. Todays guest was Giovanni. An adorable 7 year old who has dealt with way more then his fair share. He has already had 18 surgeries in his life. He spent most of his first year of life at Ann & Robert Lurie Childrens Hospital of Chicago. He was born with Hip Dysplasia Has bladder issues, and other medical conditions. His Mother referred to Luries as her second home away from home. 

IHOP is doing wonderful things! They raised $2.9 million at last years National Pancake Day that went to childrens charities. 

Todays other guest was Latin singer Diana Reyes. Giovanni light up when she picked him up and asked him Como Estas? They proceeded to put on aprons and hats to start flipping pancakes!!! It was adorable and heart warming. To see someone so well known be so down to earth with this little boy! 

Sooo if you get a chance on March 4, go out to your local IHOP order a short stack. If you can afford more then $5 toss it in. It will be going to a very worthy cause! If you can’t make it but wish to donate go to 

I would like to thank Sarah L Beal for her gracious help and information today. Her website is  and Liza Lathouris from IHOP for putting on a very special event for a very special child and his family!!! IHOP.COM