Ohh I know I have been away too long. It’s bad when you can’t find the time to blog! It’s a serious condition. Let’s call blog’aholics and see if theu have that 10 step program ready yet?? Naaa we do not need or want a cure!! HAHAHA OK so being said I’m behind, I did have to get this blog up!!! I entered a sweepstakes on Facebook awhile back. Mama Marys Pizza Crusts.. The timing was extraordinary!! We had just been discussing in our house how we need to find a ready made crust. Not generic, one that actually was worthy of all the lovely toppings we had in store for it. Pizza is kind of a big deal in our house. 2 kids nuff said! Soooo I entered this contest and was so delirious to get an email telling me , I won!! WOOHOO Sent off my shipping info and wow wow wow in just a few days, the guy in the big brown truck was knockin on my door!! I was so excited to open that large box, a major award!!! Here’s most of what I got….DSCN1288 I forgot to add the pretty red reusable bag, and the coupons!! 

After running kids here and there, I was able to toss a pizza together. I do apologize for not having time to get better pics 🙂 

The pizza was  sausage, pepperoni, pepper, onions, on a stone fired crust!! Perfect!! heated the oven to 450 then when hot turned down to 425. 10 mins on a large sheet and about 4 more on the rack to crisp it. Dessert was a very simple cherry  and another apple on yummy crusts.


DSCN1296 Now I do think next time I will take it up a notch. Me being the type to not leave well enough alone. Maybe do a chocolate layer under the cherry,  white chocolate possibly? then top with some extra icing. For the apple maybe add some brown sugar, sliced apples, hmmm have to give that one some thought!!! The facebook page for Mama Marys is https://www.facebook.com/MamaMarysGourmetPizzaCrusts

LIKE them, they are certainly worthy!!!!