It was a great foodie pen pal month! I had the pleasure of meeting a very nice and talented foodie!! You can check her blog out here http://www.supremelydivinelife.blogspot.com Ashley sent me some great finds from New Mexico. Where they are stationed, I would like to thank her and her husband for the his service and their sacrifices for our country!! I would like to thank Ashely for her wonderful choices in the package she sent!! Ummm I was in pistachio heaven!! Who knew they grow and harvest such a wonderful crop there! They were so appreciated here I had to go to the website  HEARTOFTHEDESERT.COM and place an order 🙂 

Here’s what I got!

Pistachio Cookies OH yum first thing I tore into, very decadent!!

Pistachio Toffee  You’re jealous, I know!! You should be!! lol These just melt in your mouth!!

Garlic and Green Chile Pistachios SOOOO addicting,my sons new fav snack!

Green Chile Cheese Soup mix Perfect companion to a turkey sandwich.

There was also a very nice card, and some recipes I cant wait to try!!!

A very nice package from a very nice foodie pen pal!