I love shopping at GFS. I am lucky that they are only a couple blocks away from me. Kind of like commercial style pick up store! Ok well for some things. Others more like I’m stocking up a restaurant!! There are a few things I pick up as staples. I love their large bag of mini chocolate chips, giant blocks of cream cheese, bulk bags of flour.Yesterday I ran in hoping to find some sort o egg noodles. I was soooo happy to find these Amish made wide egg noodles. So much better then your standard dried noodle! They will simply have to do until I get that lovely pasta attachment for my kitchen aid…haha  Of course I had to buy a giant 3 lb bag. Looks like there will be some creative soup making coming up!!Maybe even some side dishes! Yesterdays creation was  crock pot beef stroganoff.Not really much to brag about but certainly edible! Ohh I might just have to run bake today, those half bake sheets that were on sale just keep calling my name!!!