Ahhhh yes I am a chocolate hoarder!! Went on a binge today when I found a stash of chocolate marked down!! Dropping 50 bucks on a stash probably makes me wrong, but why be right?? LOL Soooo lucky you I will be on a baking frenzy in the days to come and hopefully some of it will be blog worthy 🙂 Ohhh  I did not leave much behind but if your local and would like to know what and where hit me up, I will share my supplier!! WOW sounds like code for a dope dealer!! hahaha Candy bars and baking chocolate abound in my kitchen so Im off to see what I can get myself in to. OK  might have to wait until Monday my kids and hubby seem to prefer the typical sweets where I’m more interested in creating something new!!! Come on is that asking for so much,,, it is all certainly edible after all :))


Ohhh on a side note I will be trying to blog more often. Maybe not always a recipe some times maybe just a rant but blog  I must!!!