Valentines Day is fast approaching!! Am I ready for it? Nope Have I baked and  decorated ? Nope It just seems to sneak up on me every year! Don’t get me wrong, I love Vday!! A perfect chance to show someone you love just how much!! It just seems like I’m coming down from the crazy rush of  the Holidays, a couple birthdays, and getting my kitchen back in order. Then all of a sudden Valentines is here!!! It just means spring is right around the corner, right? That being said I have being shocked this year at the flavors of fudge that are selling! I mean who doesnt love the aromatic aroma of pumpkin cooking on a brisk fall day? I sure do!! Here it is almost Valentines Day and my house smells like Fall!! So why not just go with it, cant fight it!! I stocked up and bought a ultra massive huge can of pumpkin sooo now Im off to search the net for some off season creative uses for it. My freezer is on the full side so dont think Im crazy of you get an off season gift or giveaway from me!!!! Hey maybe your freezer has more room then mine 🙂