Ohhh these can be used in so many ways and done with so many variations!! The realy really great part is how easy peasy they are to make!! Even my sister could do it, sorry sis!!!

Here’s what you will need

1 bag dark chocolate chips (milk would also work well)

1 can sweetened condensed milk

sea salt

told you easy!

First you need to melt about 2/3 of the bag chips

Use a silicone baking cup pan or foil liners sprayed with non stick spray.micro they chips at 30 sec intervals until smooth . use a spoon to pour into each this will make 6. spread around the sides and then place in freezer

Meanwhile pour can of milk into large micro safe bowl. Micro for 2 mins. Keep a close eye in it , it will bubble over. Stir and micro at 30 sec intervals stirring every time, until thick and turning caramel color. It will look a mess, stir well until smooth and creamy. Cook no longer then 5 mins. After caramel cools spoon into premade cups. ( while caramel is cooling check on the cups they may need another coat of chocolate)

Melt they remaining chocolate and cover tops of cups, sprinkle sea salt on top. replace in freezer until set. Due to the thickness of these I recommend serving at room temp.

They can be chopped up and added to cookies, cakes ice cream, etc

You can use milk chocolate, add marshmallow, peanut butter, peanuts, etc etc etc!!