Well now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s officially over once the leftovers have been tossed into the pot pie. It is time to think Christmas!!! The candy the cookies the sweet treats to eat!! Love them all love making them love sharing . What I don’t love is the calories!!! LOL I think it will be easier this year to remain steadfast to  my calorie counting. Due to all the candy making I am just not interested in eating it!! YEA!!! lol

Ok I dont think a recipe is necessary for turkey pot pie. Toss in leftovers and bake, right? This one turned out exceptionally pretty. I used my new handy dandy potato masher to embellish the crust. Simply pressing down gently all over gave it the fancy crust!!! EASY!! 

Might have to give it a try again with one of those holiday pies, I wont be eating!!! 😉