Ahhh the fudge if flying out of here!! I recently dove into the world of making candy for sale. After many years of being told, I should sell this stuff I am!!!! Wow all I can say is why did I wait so long. I love it!!! Hearing from people things like this is OH MY GOD GOOD, makes me happy! Oh and the $$ is nice also 😉 My latest and best selling by far is Chocolate Covered Cherry fudge!!! I have already found copy cats trying to replicate!! haha Tossing chocolate covered cherries into fudge is just not the same!!! I am flattered  😉 Sooo, I love to share my recipes but I can not share those sacred fudge recipes. Hoping all will understand that!!! OK, time to make the fudge!!! I am contemplating a couple new recipes that I just might need to try out!!! I never thought my family would actually turn down a taste of my fudge but yes, it has come to that!!!  Tis okay I am sure I can find someone willing to be my new taste tester!!!