I had the pleasure this month of exchanging emails with a couple very nice ladies, One was Kelsey from Minnesota, here’s her FB swap page https://www.facebook.com/NorthernMnFoodSwap
I was excited to open her package all decorated foodie style!!! Cute! Here’s what I found!!

Loads of goodies in there!! WOWZA!!
Ohh my weakness if fudge, I think she knew that 😉 She sent some her Mom makes. Wonderful wonderful fudge!! Lots of flavors!

My daughter and I did a taste test, tea party style HOW FUN!!

Her Mom is not the only talented foodie, Kelsey is a canning wizard! Something I keep meaning to try!
Her Cherry Sauce was incredible on pancakes!! num num
She also sent a Raspberry Mousse kit that was sooo decadent wow!

Ms Kelsey went above and beyond!! She makes her own Vanilla!! How cool is that?!?!?!
Besides all this there was kettlecorn that was just gone in a flash!! Lots of candies, ohh those adorable delish maple leaves!! Im sure I probably forgot something there was just so much!! Ohhh and I dove in before I realized I should be taking pics!!!! lol Thank You Kelsey for a wonderful October Pen Pal experience!!! You da bomb!!!