Ohhh YES I am so loving the foodie pen pal exchange!! It was so much fun picking out things to make and buy for Erins package! I hope shes enjoying it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Now on to my package from Martinus, here’s his amazing website and story πŸ™‚ http://www.300poundsandrunning.com Got my package today on the 13th, had to get to the blog (incase there was a problem with pics before I eat all of this yummy stuff!) Ok so I get the package all excited what’s in the bag inside???

On the top of the bag was a very nice hand written note letting me know what was in the bag and the lovely foodie items came from a near by Farmers Market. I am so jealous, I wish we had such a nice one by me!!

So I dive in first I find this amazing Kettle Korn

Complete with a disclaimer that is WAS highly addictive. Yes WAS it’s already gone πŸ™‚

Next was the super fresh and amazing Maple Peanut Brittle num num

Ohhh whats this yessss DIJON HORSERADISH ohhh this stuff is sooo good. Had to try it out dipped a few things in it just to try. Have to pickΒ up some turkey for a sandwich, it will be amazing!! It kicked up some fries soooo tasty!!

Where has this stuff been all my life??

My weakness has and always will be fudge, any and all kinds this has to be right up there in the top few I have ever tried,,,,, PUMPKIN FUDGE!!!!

Creamy smooth just to die for fudge!! oh lets not forget the rocky road

what a wonderful package!! Thank You Martinus you made a great impression of foodie pen pals for my first month πŸ™‚