These are just way cool and an awesome recipe from The Domestic Rebel!!

The Domestic Rebel

It’s pretty apparent by the monstrous recipe index on this blog that I bake a lot. And “a lot” is a minuscule term to use how much I really bake.

Recipes are cranked out of my head and my kitchen as often as most people blink.

My family’s become so used to seeing the oven on and smelling something sweet that they barely bat an eye anymore. Or mind eating stray, deformed cookies off of the baking racks. Pretty much, they never eat the “pretty” things or anything served up all pretty-like.

When Welcome Home Brands contacted me about doing a giveaway for their new paper bakeware, I jumped at the chance. I hadn’t worked with paper bakeware before, but I was intrigued by the idea. Basically, it is exactly what it claims to be: paper bakeware that you can bake in and serve from, ditching the need to do dishes…

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