AHHH I love making candy! It gives the option of putting all your fav flavors together!!  Here we have the milky way meets the stay puff marshmallow man! I was surfing around and found the exciting way to make caramel in a can! Take a can of sweetened condensed milk and simmer it in a pot for hours let it cool and there you have it. It is absolute bliss!! This got the ole need for something extra blissful going. You know that feeling, when recipes just are not cutting it and you need to just pull whatever out of the cabinets and create! Well so much for the diet Ive been on, hell there’s always tomorrow! Ok so I have this gooey goodness in a can so what now I take some milk chocolate chips and melt them spreading a very thin layer in my silicone loaf pan. I love that thing nothing sticks! So I layer some chocolate pop it into the freezer, next I take my homemade marshmallow creme which is simply marshmallows and corn syrup mixed together more sticky gooey goodness. Spread another thin layer on top of chocolate back in the freezer for a short time next thin layer of the caramel back in freezer, top with some more melted chocolate. Back in freezer  until set. Now you take it and pop it out ( wax paper or parchemnt would also work) You have one giant candy bar! If you like you can cut these smaller and spread a little more chocolate around teh edges. The chocolate does melt quicky so its tricky to get them all nice and neat. I did not worry about that, they wont last that long any way/ Whew this is the longest winded blog Ive done yet! Must be all that sugar! hehe Sorry the ” recipe” wasn’t more exact here, I did kind of just wing it. Be glad to answer any questions though!!